Little Chalchihuitl - NM claim #166080
Our Turquoise mine Located in the Historic Cerrillos Mining District - Cerrillos, New Mexico

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Todd and Patricia with grandson Kamron checking out the color 
 below: stabilizing the mine walls with woden beams - working the little Chalchihuitl mine

The Story of the Little Chalchihuitl mine

Thirty-five years ago, I was walking in a New Mexico snowstorm and was taking the long way home around Grand Central Mountain in the Cerrillos Mining District. I came across a vein of brilliant green stone and decided to stop and work off  some of the vein. I worked for 15 minutes and got about 2 lbs of rough turquoise, then covered it up and headed for home. 35 years later still dreaming of the green turquoise I had found that day, I decided to file for a mining claim with the Bureau of Land Management on that same spot. Today myself, my family & my friends have all helped me in working the vein, getting great stones which I set in sterling silver and sell in our shop. The green color comes from the Iron content in the soil where the Turquoise is mined. We love the color and hope you do too! Stop by the Casa Grande Trading Post and see our display of Cerrillos Turquoise stones & jewelry. The Cerrillos Turquoise Mining Museum also has a plethora of information on the areas colorful mining history.

Cerrillos Mining District Map

Cerrillos Mining District - Visions of past workings in the Hills

Exclusive Natural Cerrillos Turquoise from our mine