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Beyond this door the past lives on...

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 Museum Entrance is $2.00 per person  

(505) 438-3008 

* Tacky Treasures Article *

by Julie

How our Museum came into existence

The Cerrillos Turquoise Mining Museum is a collection that started as a way to preserve the history of this village. When we were walking around the town, we would see many antiques and artifacts of the Cerrillos area in people’s backyards. They had been discarded. We felt these treasures of a bygone era needed to be preserved and began to gather up these pieces to display in our family business. These were things that others would appreciate and all could learn from. I handmade several displays to showcase certain historical events of the area and include the villages rich mining history. We have our rock, bottle, tool, insulator, coffee can, hand grinder & antique collection for all to see.     Todd & Patricia Brown


 The Cerrillos Turquoise Mining Museum is

quite amazing to study and explore.

Come look around and enjoy our many collections!