Casa Grande Trading Post in Cerrillos NM

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Visit the living hacienda any time of year

The trading post and home were built with 65,000 hand made adobe bricks! The entire Brown Family and many friends worked together to build this sprawling hacienda. The building started in the mid 1970's and the home grew larger as the family and business blossomed. Today there are 28 rooms, which include the 6 room Trading Post & Cerrillos Turquoise Mining Museum. A collection of mining relics and farm implements are in front of the Casa Grande and several thousand aqua & clear glass insulators line the rooftop.

Inside the trading post...a sampling of our many products.


Pictures include a spring rain, Petting Zoo animals and collectable old glass bottles 

Todd Brown in the Cerrillos Turquoise Musem shows his hand made pre-historic mining diarama.

A visitor on the front porch of the store.

Assorted Trading Post photos sent in by R. Walker